The Administrative Code is based on German legislation introducing many new and complex concepts and institutions.

The Administrative Code aims to regulate the procedure for carrying out the administrative procedure performed by public authorities and judicial control over it.

In accordance with art.80 of Law no.131 of 03.07.2015 on public procurement, the National Complaint Settlement Agency (ANSC) is an autonomous public authority and therefore the Administrative Code applies unconditionally.

The seminar aims to:

• present an overview of the Administrative Code, explanation of new concepts;

• solving the problems of harmonization of the Administrative Code with the special laws that regulate the activity of ANSC;

• presentation of the administrative contentious procedure in the first instance, appeal, recourse.


ANSC, Chisinau, bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt, 124, et.4. This is a closed seminar for ANSC staff only.

Language of the Webinar:

The seminar will be held in Romanian.

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