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Event Details
Event Details

The EBRD's Office of the General Counsel has been successfully managing the Legal Transition Programme (LTP) since 1995 to contribute to the improvement of the investment climate in the Bank's countries of operations by helping create an investor-friendly, transparent and predictable legal environment.

Published annually, the Law in Transition Journal covers legal developments achieved by the LTP in the EBRD regions. Sharing lessons learned and stimulating debate on legal reform and governance, the focal point of this new issue is on how we work to achieve necessary legal reforms during the time of Covid-19 and to build back better.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the rules of the game in developed and emerging markets, triggering serious economic crises. In this context, legal reforms and governance have never been more important for economic aid and support programmes and for stimulating economic growth.

The event is focused on COVID-response, digitalisation and the Bank's operations.

  • Michael Strauss (General Counsel at EBRD)

    Michael Strauss

    General Counsel at EBRD

  • Michel Nussbaumer (Director of EBRD Legal Transition Programme)

    Michel Nussbaumer

    Director of EBRD Legal Transition Programme

  • Remy Cottage-Stone (Director, Chief Counsel at EBRD)

    Remy Cottage-Stone

    Director, Chief Counsel at EBRD

  • Veronica Bradautanu (Principal Counsel at EBRD)

    Veronica Bradautanu

    Principal Counsel at EBRD

  • Catherine Bridge Zoller (Senior Counsel at EBRD)

    Catherine Bridge Zoller

    Senior Counsel at EBRD

  • Gian Piero Cigna (Acting Director, Chief Counsel at EBRD)

    Gian Piero Cigna

    Acting Director, Chief Counsel at EBRD

  • Paul Moffatt (Senior Counsel at EBRD)

    Paul Moffatt

    Senior Counsel at EBRD

  • Vesselina Haralampieva (Senior Counsel at EBRD)

    Vesselina Haralampieva

    Senior Counsel at EBRD

  • Milot Ahma (Acting Counsel at EBRD)

    Milot Ahma

    Acting Counsel at EBRD